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Tales of adventure, stupidness, teenage sex desires, friendships a great time was had by all and I remember it just                                  




Castle Combe


Castle Combe is a beautiful little circuit in the picturesque village of the same name in Wiltshire.

castle coombe

Les knew it well as it was where he raced his Ariel Arrow back in the
50's, when he must have gained all his knowledge of two stroke tuning. 
I personally only raced at Castle Combe once, running in the 158 Wildcat
Dykes engine while my engine was being repaired.
I had an uneventful race as I was running the engine in, and I was under
strict instructions not to seize it up.
I do remember that it was a nice circuit to drive

Castle Combe 21st October 1972

All Photos by Chas de Lacy

Numbering sequence:
1 2
3 4
5 6
7 8

1. Andy Smith(9) - 125cc class
2. Colin Hart (1) - 75cc class
3. George Pearce (25) leads Kevin Reilly (66)- 150 Specials class
4. Alan Jupp (23) leads Roger Myers (8) - 150cc class
5. Nev Frost (3) - 200cc class
6. John Fritchley (69) - 150cc class
7. Nick Barnes (30) - 150cc class
8. Ray Kemp (45) and Dave Bexon (12) - Specials class

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