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Chris Bracey


by Dave Tooley

Chris Bracey was, I believe, in the Police Force when he was a member of the club.  Either that, or he joined the Constabulary very soon after he left.  Someone needs to jog my memory.  He certainly looked the part, because the rest of us mob all had either long hairy locks or a typical ‘Who’ mod cut, whereas Chris looked very presentable with his regulation short back and sides.

When we all rode up in convoy to the Comax Rally at Grays in Essex, Chris drove his recently purchased Austin/Morris Mini. (carrying the ‘club’ rally bike if my memory serves me correctly, which promptly packed up when we got there)

I seem to recollect in the early days he had a Lambretta GT200, but he wasn’t a bike rider long after I joined before he left the club.  Time has impaired my recall.  I shall have to send him an email and get him to fill in my blanks.

Chris has contacted me several times in the last few years, inquiring whether any sort of reunion is planned.  I think it is a marvellous idea, and we just need a few more names in the hat to make it a reality.

Note from Marten:

Chris was in the Rozzers, I remember one evening, we had all congregated in the Cocked Hat car Park as we did, to perform wheelies and generally show off to the girlys, Chris wanted a burn up down Military road, a favourite drag strip. Unfortunately the local police new of our transgressions and before we got to HMS Sultan we were pulled over, all Chris did was flash a card and we were sent on our way, as nods as good as a wink to a blind policeman. you have got to have some perks.

E-mail from Chris. see there are some of you still alive and Kicking.

Hi,  38 years on and I am still riding an Sx150, so is Pete Boyle (LI150S), Colin Thompson (Li150S) and Terry Langridge who is the organiser of a Sprite Club I attend also wants a scoot again. We all think a re-union would be great.  I unfortunately don't have any photos so if you have any with me in that would be great.
I now live in Cheriton near Winchester and just up the road is Brian Diment (he was in the army when he was in SC), sadly I dont think he will be very interested in covering old ground. .
I did indeed have a Polychromatic Blue and Black GT200 and sold Brian my Blue and White LI150 series 2. Latterly I had an all white SX150 after a mini and hillman Imp but it wasn't a patch on the GT200 and I turned to cars again. I think by then about 1971 the Club was dying.
Best memories:
Has to be the scooter club because I think in those days it was "freedom" to go and do what you liked.
  • Buying a series one in Cosham and pushing it all the way to Gosport because I was Fifteen at the time.
  • Riding to school on the scooter and taking teachers parking places!
  • Running over some greasers foot (who had tried a kick) by woolworths then spending a week looking over my shoulder!
  • Riding about in the group.
  • T boning Pete Boyle in Palmyra Road and both of us sitting in a heap laughing! 
  • Being Petes pillion and trying not to have brown trousers... seemed floor boards were for creating sparks or saving tyre wear!
  • Getting looks of distain from the Police training officer when all the cadets who were mods parked the scooters at Police HQ!
Do you remember?   A blonde girl whole road a Vespa, Donna Payne from Elson, Karen? (Debbie I think) mh
Places:  Thorngate Halls, Cocked Hat, Connaught Drill Hall, Wimpey bar, Mocambo, "new look" clothes shop in stoke road, "wait a while" greasers cafe Forton Road, lee on Solent tower/bowling alley, Harry Gills, Ex gov shop two doors down from there, Portsmouth ballroom Opposite the pier  called .. " .... rooms.
My first rally . Trev Aspin led the way through London and we arrived at Canvey Island. Don't remember much or where we slept but enjoyed it.. Ah do remember bowling on the pier .
Brighton Mondial April 12/13 1969
We camped in some valley behind the front and went to Marina Drive each day for events. A load of us shared a tent and were accompanied by a girl ..was it Sharon/Karen or something like that.
I still have a Shield I won (wood with LCGB sticker on it) for god knows what but Mick made them himself.
Paignton/Torbay Rally 24/26 May 1969
Twas here that:
  • We left in the middle of the night to miss the traffic and rode through the night.
  • Some one who I can't remember roared past us on his light Grey series 2 TV175 just outside Exeter and minutes later we passed him wrapped around a roadsign.  He jumped on the back of me and we left the scooter there. Was it Phil? 
  • Dear old Dermot insisted he could win a grass track on my GT200 and then promplty summersalted it breaking the headset into small pieces. Raffertys kindly lent me a series one headset to get home with but it was 2pm before I managed to leave.  Some where in a blurr of speed I managed to overtake the club bikes in one of my many detours and ended up being at home when the club arrived to tell my mum I might be late back! 
Dave has referred to this but missed out the gem that as my girlfriend and I followed the club in a well laden Mini (scooter engine in boot and frame on roof+ luggage) when we reached Milford lights on the A3 we were confronted with all the scoots in a heap! Seemed a lorry had dumped fuel and we spent a few hours in the little chef fixing Bikes etc. 
hope to hear from you!



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