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End of an Era


End of an Era
by Dave Tooley

It's funny how you can map parts of your life by setting chapter milestones within it.

Joining Solent City Scooter Club was one such chapter milestone for me.  Up until that point my circle of friends was limited pretty much by male school acquaintances of a similar age (I went to an all boys school) After the day I joined I suddenly had a huge circle of friends of both the male and female kind from a variety of backgrounds within quite a large age group.  Brilliant…what a difference that made to my life almost overnight.

Immediately I had a social life (something that had been sadly missing during my 'O' level year at Grammar School) but what was better, I knew some girls!  Whoopee.

I now had places to go, people to see, a means of getting there, and my social calendar suddenly started filling up rapidly.

For a period of about 3 years there was always something to do and I was never in, there was never a chance of getting bored.

The end of the Scooter Club came quite rapidly and unexpectedly, and was another milestone for me since it spelt the closure of an era I thoroughly enjoyed.  You can tell what an impression it made on my life because of the way I can still remember many of the characters and events like they were yesterday.  I was coming up for 20 years of age, and the spectre of responsibility and adulthood loomed largely on the horizon.  My Father was bending my ear about saving a good part of my hard earned dosh towards buying a house within a few years.  I knew he was right, but just didn't want to hear it at the time.  Thank God that he did, or I would never have been in the lovely home that I have now.

Saying goodbye to your teenage is always a bit traumatizing, but when it is piled on in spades by suddenly losing something which you held most precious is a lot worse.

I struggled for quite a while to come to terms with the club being no more.  All the members were suddenly scattered to the four winds, and many I never saw again from the day we broke up.



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