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John Coles Metalflake SX


By Dave Tooley

I remember John Cole as a broad fit looking guy who always had an attractive looking girl on his arm (not necessarily the same one)

I don’t know if he worked out with weights, or had a job which required him being fit.  But he always gave the impression he could handle himself in any situation.

Anyway, I digress.

The aim of this screed is to give reverence to his bike.  Around the late 60’s the newest craze to hit the streets was metal flake paint.  When I first joined Solent City Scooter Club the very first bike that caught my eye was John Coles SX 200.

It had a marvellous paint job of Red and Gold Metal flake, the first time I’d ever seen a scooter with such a brilliant finish.  It felt like glass when you touched it.

I was so jealous that someone could afford to spend more money on their machines paint than I had spent on my entire bike. (but then he was a good few years older than me, and was probably earning a full wage)

I remember he always used to boast about how quick his machine was despite lugging all the extras he could possibly bolt on to it. It was absolutely covered in various crash bars, mirrors and spotlights.  A true mod bike.

Then one day at the Cocked Hat pub he asked to have a go on Martens Wildcat 225cc Dykes machine, since I’d been raving on about how damned fast it was.  One trip up Military Road and he was hooked.  He couldn’t believe that a Lambretta Gp could be so much quicker than his SX. (to be fair, Martens bike was one of the fastest I’ve ever ridden and with just little me aboard the needle would disappear off of the 90mph clock.) 

He vowed then to get one, though I cannot remember if he ever did.

john cole



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