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Tales of adventure, stupidness, teenage sex desires, friendships a great time was had by all and I remember it just                                  




John Searle and Jackie Catchpole


By Dave Tooley

John Searle was the very likeable, tall and gangly guy (with a bad case of acne) who became famous (or should I say infamous) for the ‘romantic’ episodes with Jackie Catchpole in the ‘warehouse’  It was a very useful place to retire to if privacy wasn’t your prime concern, and you didn’t mind just a small audience.

I shall draw a veil over the lurid details, but Marten remembers exactly what I’m talking about.  We were there; we remember them very clearly, we may even have taken part.  Though, funnily enough, my memory goes a bit hazy there…(to protect the innocent)

John was also the guy who had his bike trashed by Kenny Erridge down by Fareham Viaduct.  (see Kenny story)

John spent a considerable time being Terry Langridge’s taxi; it always seemed to fall upon him to cart Terry around.


Jackie Catchpole lived not very far off from Muriel and Barbara Rowe near the Crossways in Gosport.  She was quite a tall and well padded girl if I remember correctly, very suited to John’s height.  She was a very friendly girl, and would often invite us back to her house for coffee.

I mostly remember visiting her house by the huge aviary attached to the back of their property.  You could hear the budgies chirping from a mile away.  Something that interested Marten immensely because he bred them for quite a while.

Note from Marten:

I bought a super Lutino Budgerigar from Mr Catchpole, it won me many prizes in the local cage bird shows



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