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Memories from Daves garage

Memories from my garage
By Dave tooley

Marten has mentioned in previous screeds that he spent a considerable time in my Dad's garage helping me renovate and rebuild a variety of bikes we had manage to 'acquire' through a myriad of dubious means.  What he didn't expand on was the frequent presence of Seaweed (Dave Seymour) there as well.

My Mother liked him because he was as equally scatty in the head as she was, and he liked her for the same reason.  But this very trait that they both shared drove us of the more responsible kind nuts.  Both my Father, Marten and I would despair of getting any serious work done once my Mum came down with a tray of coffees, because she would be the catalyst for Seaweed to go off on one of his fantasies about how fast his latest abortion of a bike was.

I don't know what would go through his mind when he launched into his bullshit mode.  Surely he must have known that anyone with half a brain could not believe the crap that would pour from his mouth once he got into his stride. 

I used to laugh my head off when I could see Marten was starting to lose his patience with him.  Marten would always give him a couple of warnings, but nothing could stop Seaweed, he was on a mission!  After 2 attempts to curtail his drivel, Marten would give him a slap which would normally bring Seaweed back to something vaguely resembling reality.  However I distinctly remember one time in our garage when no amount of slaps were going to bring him back down.

The last thing I remember Marten saying was "Earth calling Seaweed, Earth calling Seaweed"  Then he gave him one almighty thump which caught him off guard and he overbalanced, stumbling into the wall of my Dad's corrugated iron garage.  This started one hell of a commotion because my Dad shouted at Seaweed, my Mum shouted at my Dad, Seaweed shouted at Marten, and all I could do was collapse into hysterics at the level we had all descended to.

Happy days...




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