the solent city scooter club dave tooley mallory park 1970       

Tales of adventure, stupidness, teenage sex desires, friendships a great time was had by all and I remember it just                                  




Scooter Pics



We are adding a selection of Scooter Pics.

If you have any pics of your Scooters from way back when and want them to be online please email them to me with a bit of info and I will stick them on the site.


Keith Purnells Bike

Keith Purnells old Lammy


I remember Mike Estlick.I remember Mike Estlick before the Solent scooter club!! When he was a member with me of the Trendsetters scooter club in Fareham along with Nigel Rawson, Pete Hockley. We met at the youth club at St Anne’s school, Fareham. Does anyone remember that!!! Attached is a copy of my scooter in those days


Keith Purnells new love

Keith Purnells new Lammy



Did you know Nigel Rawson? He owns the flower shop in Fareham now near Trinity Church. I remember Ned Newman in the days at the wimpy bar in Fareham, he was always good for a laugh! I have attached a photo of my latest baby, trying to relive the good old days!! I will keep in touch with anything I can send. I remember taking Mike Estlick many times on the back of my bike to various rallies on a Sunday we always met outside Raffs or in those days Lawton & Willsons. Happy days.


MArten second Bike TV 175 Series 2


My second bike a series 2 TV 175 with a Wall Phillips Fuel Injector
I had a nasty crash on it and was in Haslar Hospital over Christmas 1969



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