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Such a Teaser


Such a Teaser
By Dave Tooley

I've been wracking my brains lately trying to remember the name of the pub our club members used to frequent prior to an evening in the Thorngate Halls, but it is still eluding me.  Marten will have to help me out here.  It was located at the corner of Anns Hill Road, next to the Gosport War Memorial Hospital.

Anyway, a crowd of us thirsty scooterists would descend on the public bar of the Wiltshire Lamb for an hour or so every week before we went into Thorngate for our regular bop.

I can remember those nights so clearly.  There never seemed to be enough room to accommodate us all in around the narrow tables located in the corner of the main bar, and the girls would always struggle to retain a modicum of decency whilst trying to squeeze around those already seated and find a lap to perch on.

Angela Twigg was one of those super slim females who could get away with murder in the way of provocative clothing.  Some of those micro mini skirts she would 'almost' wear would challenge the respectable boundaries of any generation, and every red blooded male around the tables would give her tiny botty a damn good grope as she struggled past.  This would always catch the eyes of the old established 'regulars' in the pub, and you could see their faces cracking into a huge smile as they watched our naughty antics with Angie's rear end.  Then of course when she perched on someone's lap (frequently mine) what remained of her mini pelmet would ride up almost to her waist, giving the old codgers opposite a clear view of her miniscule underwear.  I swear those pensioners fought for the prime viewing seats at the bar to get the optimum ogle.  Another vision I can recall is how she would frequently wind us all up with how low she could wear her tiny hipster jeans with the big belts before she actually revealed some 'foliage' at the front, or builders bum to the rear, as it is so eloquently called nowadays.

She was such a teaser, that girl!  She always portrayed this air of complete innocence, but I often wondered what she was actually thinking.  It was no accident she looked like she did.  The mind boggles at how she may have blossomed as she moved into her late teens.

Note form MH

Angie was a very 'Hot Babe' as they say.  I really believe that Dave had
a serious amount of lust for her, as did many others, myself included.
Although after an accident at work when I crushed my finger in a
printing press, my finger was wrapped in loads of bandage.  Angela used
to love to grab it and give it a squeeze which was very painful, but
being a MAN I didn't cry!



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