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Terry Langridge


By Dave Tooley

Terry Langridge was a really good mate of Marten and I.  His Dad owned a small grocery shop not very far away from Harry Gill’s motorcycle shop in Gosport, and we often would visit him there in the evenings.

I don’t remember Terry ever riding a bike of his own.  He always seemed to be someone else’s passenger.  I’m not sure if this was due to his eternal bankruptcy, or perhaps being banned, or just never bothering to buy one. 

Either way I could see the sense in it, a lot cheaper.

Terry was the guy who was launched from Marten’s bike during his crash at the 1970 IOW Rally.  I ran over him at high speed, and thought I’d killed him.


For a while I believe, Denise Adams was Terry’s girlfriend.  At least it was him that introduced her to us all at the club, but it didn’t seem to last after she met the other ‘horny’ club members.

Coincidentally, Terry actually moved into a house directly opposite Marten off Frosthole Crescent at the back end of Fareham many years later.  But I believe he moved again, and I am unsure of his whereabouts now.


Note from Marten:

Terry was not Denise's first choice, She told me about 5 years ago that the person she fancied was in fact Phil Blatch.

I always remember that we had to sit and listen to the sound effect tracks from the film Grand Prix, strangeley enough I was in that film as part of the Brands Hatch crowd I used to live in West Kingsdown in Kent next to the circuit.

Terry moved to Bournemouth I believe to become a Fireman.

He was actually banned before he owned a scooter, and as far as I remember he never got one.


An article by The Man Himself.


Happy Daze – by Terry Langridge typed by Harriet his T & S 


I've been reading your stuff with interest. You seem to remember things I can't, but I need to set the record straight.


Dave doesn't remember me having a bike of my own, but I did – several.


I bought my first Lammy, a Series I LI 150, with S2 headset etc. when I was about 15 ½ I kept it out the back of the grocers shop my parents owned. I, of course, used to fiddle with it, and start it up, filling up the shop with exhaust fumes, playing havoc with the sliced ham!!

That bike (TTP 215) was stove enamelled at C & N Electrical (where I worked -£3/week!) black and yellow and I went out on it legally on the day I was 16.

Soon after, I made the mistake of riding past the “Wait a While” café ending up with about 20 greasers chasing me. I had only recently moved to Gosport so didn't really know my way around, but by using a few gardens and the old railway line I managed to lose them. My first experience of the Gosport greasers – but not my last.


I joined Solent City after seeing Trev Aspen's  bike outside my parents shop around late 1969 or early 1970.

I remember that old LI blew up on the way to the Southend Rally, and came home in the boot of my brother-in-law's Vauxhall Cresta – it never ran again.

I think I bought an old S2 LI from Dermott for about a fiver, but I don't  remember much about it, or what happened to it.

My next bike was a 1965 GT200 white and blue (AOU 44C) bought for £144 from Harry Gill (on the knock, obviously!) that would have been in about early 1970. Why I didn't take it to I.O.W '70 I don't know, why i was on Marty's GP I don't know, how I got home I don't know, why am I writing this .......................................?

I was never banned, the worst I got was 3 points and a £3 fine for 2 up – no L plates along with John Searle and Phil Cresdee, both of those guys had SX200's.

Denise Adams was not my girlfriend – she was my friend, and indeed a girl – but that was it. News to me about Phil Blatch though.

I never did move to Bournemouth, and I didn't get in the Fire Brigade, although I tried 4 times (colour blind!!!!!!!).



I have a lot of happy memories of those days, what about I.O.W. '71 – anyone remember that year?

Gosport greasers, i got a bike chain round the back of my head when I was on my GT around Stokes Bay, I fell off in  the scenery in a big heap, and John Searle side swiped them on his SX nearly knocking them off. They disappeared and we went home I guess, to knock out the dents on my GT (I know who done me with the chain, he was bigger than me, and probably still is!).

I went on quite a lot of runs- New Forest, Brighton, Hayling Island – but I can't remember who with, or dates.

I recall a lot of the guys –

Pete Boyle – I've still got Al Capone by Prince Buster given to me at Marten's house after a party. It's on my jukebox and still sounds great. (swine! iv'e been trying to find my copy of this classic for years, now I know where it went. I have it CD now. Marten)

Marten – trying to kill me on the I.O.W. And again in his three wheeler Bond on the way back from scooter racing at Snetterton. We hit a tree in North London somewhere – remember Marty? (the suspension snapped as I recall M.H)

Colin Thompson – I recall he had an SS180 Black and gold? He went to Washington to work after Watergate.

John Cole – SX200, big lad, blond, always a hit with the birds – swine!!!

Jeff and Keith Champion – brothers- assorted scooters, always fiddling about and turning out some fast scoots.

Phil Blatch – I used to rent a garage/shed with him for about £1/ week to store our bikes in, with another lad whose name escapes me, but who had an SS180. That shed has gone now, but underneath the floor was heaps of old LD and LI bits we buried because no-one wanted them.

The Bluebird in Lee on Solent. The Mocambo, White Hart, Cocked Hat in Gosport. The Milano in Southsea. Verrechia's near Portsmouth and Southsea Station. Evenings in Rafferty and Newmans, getting ratfaced and beaten up at Thorngate Hall, the Mecca in Portsmouth ...... but I digress.

John Searle – SX200 bit mad, ended up under a drunk matelots car in Lee on Solent one night – thought we'd lost you then mate.

Angie Twigg – like you Dave I really liked Angie and her Mum! Do you remember her drinking a bit too much (IOW rally '71?) and being put on the back of someone's scooter, but because of her somewhat delicate condition we had to use a lot of bungee straps to stop her falling off on the journey back to wherever. She looked like a kidnap victim.

Dave Tooley – hairy lad with an LD he also tried to kill me (IOW '70) later had a proper Wildcat (150? or 200?) I have a press cutting of him, with Mick Estlick and Keith Champion on their Wildcats going racing.


Like I said – Happy Daze.




This is a Site recommended by Terry  go there and see if you can find him


Note from Dave Tooley.

How about these for a blast from the past?
My old buddy from nearly 40 years ago,Terry Langridge, has come up trumps and sent me some newspaper cuttings I'd thought had been lost for ever.

One of them I'd completely forgotten about.
The 'Thruxton' line up of bikes was a typical bit of 'Mick Estlick bullsh*t' which he was particularly gifted at.  i.e.  Phoning up the Portsmouth News office and telling them a few porkies so as to push them into sending a reporter.  Once the reporter was there, he couldn't go back without a story…if there wasn't one he'd make one up.

I seem to remember that they hung up a 'START' banner on the Connaught Hall wall, lined us up in front of it, and took a series of piccies.

The only one of the three bikes and riders shown who was actually entered in the Thruxton event was, I believe, Keith Champion.  But it made for a good story.

I only went there as a spectator, and the nearest Mick ever got to anything to do with racing was sitting on a Wildcat machine. (I believe he may have purchased the Wildcat 125cc he is seen sitting on, but I cannot clearly remember.)

Poor old Marten Holdway never even got a mention, and he was a genuine entrant.



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